BHE the pros of a behind the ear hearing aid

You see a lot of people using a behind the ear hearing aid, more so than those that wear a in the ear hearing aid. There may be a reason behind this trend.

These hearing aids can have more options than ITE hearing aids, they are easier to adjust from the outside the ear position, mode selection, volume control. Behind the ear hearing have been getting smaller and smaller through the years, and some of these devices now have extremely small tubing making it very tough to notice that a person is even wearing hearing aids. These aids typiclly ideal for people who have a high frequency hearing loss.

BHE hearing aids can also last up to 3 years longer than in the ear hearing aids, because they are not inside the ear, exposed to moisture and ear wax.

Between the two styles of hearing aids, the prices are pretty close, with in a few hundred dollars. The one thing BHE hearing aids don’t have is they do not use the natural acoustics of the ear, like the ITE hearing aids do.

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